Why am I getting ‘class not registered’ error while opening JPEG photos?

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asked Oct 4, 2018 in General Discussions by Richie

I have tried viewing photos on my Windows 10 PC and got the above error message. I tried /scanow but no errors were found. I rebooted my PC and updated my system update. After the updates I still received the same errors.

I scanned using anti-virus in case of virus or malware infection. None detected. Restarted my PC, but still getting the “class not registered” errors.

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by Peter (1,640 points)

There are few effective solutions that you can follow to fix ‘class not registered’ error in Windows 10 computer.

Follow the solutions mentioned-below, may this can help you to fix your problem.

Solution 1: Set Default Program To Open JPEG Photos

Set default app to open JPEG photos in Windows 10 and then see if problem get solved.

Here find out how to set default app/program to open JPEG images in Windows 10:

• On your Windows 10 computer go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

• Click choose default app by file type.

Solution 2: Reset Default Apps

Resetting the default apps in Windows 10 can help you to fix your issue.

Here find out how to reset default apps:

• On your Windows 10 computer go to Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

• Scroll down to Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults.

• Click on “Reset”.

There are more solutions that include Bring Back Photo Viewer In Windows 10 And Open/View Photos, Reset Windows 10 Store (Apps) Using PowerShell, Run Component Services and Run A System File Checker (SFC) that you can follow to fix “class not registered while opening photos” error in Windows 10.

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