SD Card Won’t Format on Android/PC

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in Memory Card Issues by Harry

I need help with my SanDisk 32GB SD card. Card is not getting formatted nor am I able to delete any of the files. I pulled out the card from the phone and put it in adapter and deleted the files manually, but somehow the files pop-up again. When I try to format card I get error message.

I have no issue in accessing any files or my phone reading card. Just I am not able to format the card or delete any file again. Can anybody help me please?

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answered Jul 13, 2018 by Martin (2,660 points)

Here follow the solutions to fix SD card won’t format on Android/Windows PC.

First of all check if your SD card has any small lock switch. If it has any lock switch then, simply slide it to unlock position.

Format the SD card on Windows PC if you are not able to format it on Android. Here follow the steps:

  • Connect your SD card to computer with the help of card reader.
  • On PC click Start > My Computer > Right-Click on your SD card and click on “Format” option.
  • Leave all default settings as it is and click on “Start”.

Once the format process complete, you can then re-insert it back to your Android phone and re-use it again.

If that fails then follow the more solutions mentioned here - [Solved]: Can’t Format Micro SD Card on Android Phone/Windows PC

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