Accidentally deleted videos from my YouTube channel. Is there any way to recover it?

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in General Discussions by Frank

Hey there,

Any one has experienced that moment where you have accidentally deleted your videos from YouTube channel. This accident has happened with me, I have accidentally deleted some of my videos from my YouTube channel. What worse, I do not have backup file. But the good news is that I have the URL of those deleted videos. So, is there any way to recover deleted YouTube videos?

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answered Jul 14, 2018 by Peter (1,640 points)

As you have said that you have URL of the deleted YouTube videos. Then there is a solution for you:

Go to and then paste the URL of the deleted YouTube videos in the search field of the Wayback machine and click on browse filed.

This will find the deleted YouTube video. You can then download it from the there and then save it on your computer.

Another solution to recover deleted YouTube videos is to contact help YouTube support help team. Simply log-in to your YouTube channel and go to the bottom of the page and click on Help> Need more help and then click on Get creator support. Select the suitable category as per your issue and then click on Email Support. You can also click on “Contact the creator support team” link as well.

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