How to Fix External Hard Drive not Formatted Error

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asked Apr 20, 2017 in General Discussions by Benny

I have Seagate 1 TB External hard drive that I have been using since 4 years or so. But recently I am facing problem from accessing it. When I turn it ON, I can see the drive as normal in my computer, but when I click on it then it display the error message “drive is not formatted” and ask me to format it. I assume that formatting will erase all the data stored on it so I have not formatted it. Since, I do not want to lose data from, can you suggest me any solution or any software that can detect and help me to copy the data from it.

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by Peter (1,640 points)

You can try to plug your External Hard drive on a different Port or you can plug it into another PC. Sometimes this solution work:

  • Connect your external hard drive to another PC
  • Click on My computer and check whether you are able to access it or not

If it displays your data you can immediately copy your files.
If you are still getting the same error message then you can follow the below solution to fix this hard drive not formatted error:

You can make use of Digital Media Recovery Tool that should detect your hard drive and then you scan your drive. Once the scan is completed, you can only recover media files such as photo, video and audio files from your external hard drive.

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