How to format a memory card on computer?

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asked Apr 20, 2017 in Memory Card Issues by Lucy

I want to format my SD card? I have tried formatting the card on my Smartphone, but the operation failed. I just want to know the steps on how to format my SD card on computer?

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by Peter (1,640 points)
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It’s very simple and easy. Here find out the steps on how to format memory card on PC.

  • First insert your memory card in card reader and then connect it with computer
  • Now go to “My Computer”, select your Memory card and right click on it
  • Select Format option and also make sure that Quick Format box is unchecked and then click on Start
  • A warning screen will pop-up that will say all data will get erased. Click OK to confirm
  • You can see that formatting process has begun and progress bar indicates the level of completion
  • Just wait for the process to get complete. Once completed, a window will pop-up. Click OK and Exit.

So, this is how you can format your memory card on PC.
Best of Luck!


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