How To Fix JPEG “Invalid Image” or “Unknown Error”

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asked Oct 15, 2018 in General Discussions by Emily

This is the error I am getting when trying to open a photo in Photoshop – ‘Unknown error’ or ‘invalid image marker found’. Is there any kind of protection on the files? How do I fix this so that I can open these files in Photoshop.

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answered Oct 15, 2018 by Peter (1,640 points)

Hi Emily,

Such error message typically appears when a files extension (.jpeg, .psd, etc.) does not match its actual format. I am not sure why your photos are not getting opened in Photoshop.

Rename the file name of the JPEG photo:

But you can try renaming the file name of the JPEG photos and then open the photos in Adobe Photoshop. For example, if your jpeg image name is abc.jpeg then change it to xyz.jpeg and then open it.

RUN CHKDSK command to fix JPEG photo:

It might sometime happen that your JPEG files may get corrupt due to bad sector available in the memory card or hard drive and hence you get the error message “Invalid Image” or “Unknown Error”. Here follow the steps to fix the issue:

If your JPEG photos is stored on your Windows PC. Click start and then type CMD in search bar and hit enter.

A new command prompt windows will open. Now type the following command “CHKDSK (drive letter) / r”, for example if your drive letter is D: then type “CHKDSK D:/r” and hit ENTER.

This will check for the corruption and errors in hard drive and will fix the issue. Once the process gets complete, then you can again try to open the JPEG images in Photoshop.

Try Third-Party JPEG Repair Software:

If none of the above solutions fix your problem then, you can try third-party JPEG Repair Tool to fix invalid image or unknown error message of JPEG photos. This JPEG Repair Software is very must powerful and it can easily and quickly help you to fix corrupted or damaged JPEG photos with ease.

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